NFL Play 60: Stay Off Our Bus!

The National Football League's Gambit to Commercialize School Children


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This section contains the following articles and documentation in the pdf format:

NFL Play 60 Award Announcement
NFL's Waiver of Liability and Release
NFL Play 60: Stay Off Our Bus! - Editorial Version
NFL Play 60: Stay Off Our Bus! - Extended Version
Bibliography (accompanies the Extended Version)
Is This What It Means To Be A Seahawks Fan?


The following is a list of correspondence with the various government officials we engaged after the NFL Play 60 celebration assembly was held at Cathcart Elementary School. All of these correspondences have been scanned into the pdf format in order to retain their original form, including letterheads and signatures (except for the last one, which retains the exact text of the message).

All of these correspondences may also be found on the Correspondence page in html format, but without the letterheads and signatures. That page also contains our correspondence with school officials just prior to and immediately after the NFL Play 60 celebration assembly. These communications show how we proceeded and how the issues evolved over time.

All of these communications are unedited except for the removal of our children's names, the removal of our street address, or the conversion of email addresses to proper names. I wouldn’t want somebody to freely share my personal contact information and I will extend that courtesy to everybody involved.

First Letter To the Department of Justice
Response From the Department of Justice
Follow-up Letter To the Department of Justice
Supplemental Document: Issues and Arguments
Supplemental Document: Open Questions
Second Response From the Department of Justice
Letter To the Washington State Attorney General
Response From the Washington State Attorney General's Office
Letter To the Washington State Auditor's Office
Response From the Washington State Auditor's Office
Letter To the Washington State Human Rights Commission
Response From the Washington State Human Rights Commission

Towards the end of July, 2014, and after the launch of this website, I sent a request for public records to the Snohomish School District. These are the communications I received in response to this request for public records. These correspondences are not the public records themselves. Since this request for public records happened after this website was launched, I have not taken the time to transfer the content of those communications into text that can be displayed here. Therefore, each of these correspondence are currently available only in the pdf format.

Snohomish School District Acknowledgement of the Receipt of Public Records Request
Response by Snohomish School District to Public Records Request
Email Exchange Between Snohomish School District and NFL
Snohomish School District's Statement Regarding the NFL's Refusal to Submit Copies of the Waivers

There are a few noteworthy things that happened during this exchange. First, when Snohomish School District Superintendent William Mester responded to acknowledge the receipt of my public records request he stated, "The Public Records Act (RCW Chapter 42.56) does not require the District to respond to questions, and we decline to do so." So there it is. They have never answered any of my questions and officially refuse to do so. Is this how you would expect the administrators of your children's education to show their concern for that education? I guess it is if they have something to hide. The second noteworthy item is the response from William Mester regarding my request for a copy of all of the signed waivers for every student and faculty member at Cathcart Elementary. As stated in the response by William Mester and evidenced in the email thread between Scott Peacock and NFL Legal Counsel Dolores DiBella, the NFL refused to provide a copy of the waivers unless they were compelled to do so by a court order. While I haven’t taken this any further, this may not be a dead issue yet.

Finally, shortly after this exchange I noticed that the NFL Play 60 Super School contests stopped. Coincidence? I don’t think so as I also noticed a reduced presence of NFL Play 60 logos usually on display inside the stadiums and on the play fields. I also noticed that the NFL Rush website that hosted NFL Play 60 was virtually unmaintained for over two years and I have captured the website upon multiple occasions to prove it. Again, do you just think this is a coincidence?

The following is a letter to Paul Allen, owner of the Seattle Seahawks, which I sent via Certified Mail. I also enclosed a copy of the school's announcement and the NFL's Waiver of Liability and Release.

Letter to Paul Allen, Owner of the Seattle Seahawks

After a couple of weeks I left a couple of short messages directed at Paul Allen on the Seahawks Fan Feedback Form, located towards the bottom of the contact page on the Seattle Seahawks website. It should come as no surprise that I never received any response.

Shortly afterwards I sent the following letter to my representative in Congress, Suzan DelBene, along with several other members of Congress. Again, I enclosed a copy of the announcement and the NFL's waiver. I received no response from anybody; not even an acknowlegement that they had received my letter.

Letter to Representative Suzan DelBene and Other Members of Congress

The other members of Congress to receive a copy include:

Again, some time has passed, but additional isuess had cropped up that keep remind me how disrespectful our children and family has been treated regarding all of this. So now I take my case to NFL Players and the NFL Players Association. Given that NFL players have seen it fit to protest issues of inequality by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem, it seemed to be time to test their mettle. As usual, I enclosed a copy of the school's announcement and NFL's waiver, but this time I also enclosed a copy of the letter I delivered to Paul Allen the previous year.

Letter to DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director, NFLPA

I had copies of this letter delivered via Certified Mail to the following NFLPA representatives and a copy to former Seahawks player John Carlson in care of the NFLPA:

One thing to note about this exchange is that I mentioned an observation regarding all of the children that are present in the “Player of the Year” presentation video during the Super Bowl. I recall seeing the video when Payton Manning won the Player of the Year award and noticed so many children that I would go as far as to say (pardon the expression) that the video was filthy with them. However, when I watched this past year’s (2018) Super Bowl (not that I care, but I have been purposefully watching for things like this and also taking note of NFL advertisers, which I will get to on another occasion) I never saw any video with the Player of the Year award presentation. I have to wonder, given the (close) timing of my letter in relation to the Super Bowl, if the NFL didn’t have enough time to scrub all of the children out of their media materials and decided to scrap the video altogether. Again, is this just another coincidence?

I didn't allow much time to pass before delivering a letter to the owners of the five largest franchise markets. I figured this was enough to be able to imply that all NFL owners are now aware (or at least should be) of their encroachment into public schools and their unethical behavior. Again, I had these delivered Certified Mail and each envelope included a copy of the school's announcement, the NFL's waiver, a copy of my previous year's letter to Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen and a copy of my letter sent to the NFL Players Association.

Letter to Selected NFL Owners, Jerry Jones Edition

The owners to receive a copy of these materials are:

As usual, I received no replies. So where do I go from here? I have options, but the one I am leaning towards is to petition the Snohomish School District to provide an educational program of my own. All I am asking for is an equal opportunity to teach and I believe I can show that I am as qualified to teach as any football player. This could get interesting.

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NFL Play 60 Super Schools

This page contains a table of NFL Play 60 Super School contest winners from 2011-2013.

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Open Messages

These are the open messages we published here in the Extended Version of our adventures. They are also available on a separate Open Messages page. The intended recipients of these messages are as follows:

Cathcart Elementary Parents
Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America
Paul Allen, Owner of the Seattle Seahawks
John Carlson and Other NFL Players
William Mester, Superintendent, Snohomish School District
Jay Hagen, Snohomish School District Board President
Randy Dorn, Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction
NFL Play 60 Partners
William Gates III, Director and Former Chairman of the Board, Microsoft Corporation (NFL Play 60 Partner)

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Open Questions

This is a compilation of many of the questions we still have. Most of these questions were raised to verify facts and during our quest to obtain information, while others are raised as a method for opening a discussion regarding the ethical issues surrounding events like NFL Play 60. This is an expanded edition of the questions we delivered when we contacted various government entities. The original list of questions delivered with those correspondences may be found on the Correspondence page.

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