NFL Play 60: Stay Off Our Bus!

 The National Football League's Gambit to Commercialize School Children 

Short Versions

The brief version is a very condensed summary of the issues. While I recommend starting with the editorial version, this brief should satisfy those individuals who want the issues covered as quickly as possible. However, in doing so, some issues will not be covered at all.

The editorial version will provide an overview of what happened and the issues involved. It's the recommended place to start.

Extended Version

This is the full version of our story, complete with references and links to additional documentation. The extended version is broken up into five parts. An overview of the contents can be obtained by clicking the preceding link. You may go to each of the parts by clicking those respective links below.

Part 1 - What Happened
Part 2 - Gathering Information
Part 3 - The Issues
Part 4 - The Gambit
Part 5 - The Adventure Continues

Here is a new, separate article written after the launch of this website.

NFL Play 60 Infractions


All of our correspondence with school and government officials have been compiled here. Some of these correspondence have been included in our main article, especially the email correspondence with school officials just prior to and immediately after the NFL Play 60 celebration assembly. These communications show how we proceeded and how the issues evolved over time. All of these communications are unedited except for the removal of our children's names, the removal of our street address, or the conversion of email addresses to proper names. I wouldn’t want somebody to freely share my personal contact information and I will extend that courtesy to everybody involved. Also, many of these documents have been scanned and converted to pdf files to retain their original form which, includes letterheads and signatures. Those original documents are available on the References page.

Based upon the principles of fairness and equal opportunity - especially when one considers that we have paid more than twice the amount to the Snohomish School District in the form of taxes than the National Football League provided with their health and fitness grant - we demand that the school district allow us to display our own banner in a similar location and for the same duration as the one displayed for the NFL. That banner will read:

Integrity: The human qualities demonstrated by a consistent commitment to moral and ethical principles, including honesty and fairness. Those values and the education of a small group of Cathcart students were sacrificed when school administrators and teachers acted in the interests of the Seattle Seahawks and National Football League instead of all of their students. This banner serves as a reminder that those values should never be sacrificed.

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