NFL Play 60: Stay Off Our Bus!

The National Football League's Gambit to Commercialize School Children


NFL Play 60: Stay Off Our Bus!

The brief version is a very condensed summary of the issues. While I recommend starting with the editorial version, this brief should satisfy those individuals who want the issues covered as quickly as possible. However, in doing so, some issues will not be covered at all.

The editorial version will provide an overview of what happened and the issues involved. It's the recommended place to start.

The extended version is the full version of our story, complete with references and links to additional documentation. The extended version is broken up into five parts. An overview of the contents can be obtained by clicking the preceding link. You may go to each of the parts by clicking those respective links below.

Here are a couple of a more recent articles written after the launch of this website:

Is This What It Means To Be A Seahawks Fan? is an article not only directed at Seattle Seahawks fans, but all NFL fans. It provides a condensed version of what happened and the actions we have taken over the years in pursuit of corrective action. It is also an appeal directly to fans for corrective action and provides some suggestions as to how they may be able to help should they feel inclined to do so.

NFL Play 60 Infractions draws upon the NFL's own rulebook in which we determine that (our) children were subject to twenty three infractions at the hands of the NFL and their franchise ball clubs during NFL Play 60 events.

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